At Moeller Realty we know that buying a home is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. As a BUYERS AGENT, we represent YOU through the entire home buying process: the home search, contract negotiation, transaction coordination and the real estate closing, even though the SELLER pays our fee.

We have instant access to every property for sale in the Gainesville-Alachua County area. We will program the MLS database of listings to immediately notify us when homes matching your criteria are listed for sale (or have reduced their list price). We also keep records of Gainesville homes being sold directly by owners. Once an appropriate home is identified you will know about it immediately, and we can set up an appointment for you to view the home at your convenience. This new information will be sent to you in detail via email (including digital photos) or by phone, as you specify.

When you are ready to present a contract to purchase a property, we provide you with detailed information on what comparable properties have sold for over the past two years. You won’t be in the dark about values! This data on comparable sales will also be presented to the SELLER to back up your offer.

Upon contract acceptance, we coordinate the transaction, including the property inspection, mortgage application, appraisal, title update, survey and homeowner's insurance, and we keep you informed of our progress.

It costs you nothing for us to be your REALTOR, and most importantly, we can save you from making expensive mistakes. Let us help you make Gainesville your Home!

Buyer Tips:

Know the Area

Your buyer’s agent will orient you to the local market and real estate procedures. Further, your agent will supply you with information on the local community consistent with your interests, including local attractions, recreation, schools, colleges, libraries, sports, shopping, hospitals, hotel accommodations, arts and entertainment, local mortgage lenders, and home inspectors.

Know the Market

Know the values in the neighborhood in which you plan to buy. Compare prices paid for homes in the same neighborhood and in similar neighborhoods for the past two years. You should review this information (adjusting these prices against the special features of the home you plan to purchase) prior to making any offer. Your Moeller Realty buyer’s agent has full access to all sales history data, through the Gainesville MLS and the computerized county tax records.

Negotiation Advantage

Your first step in securing a new home is starting the mortgage loan process. Ideally, you should have a written commitment from a lender guaranteeing you financing up to a specified amount, contingent only on the satisfactory appraisal of the house you eventually select. It is important to at least have the loan approval process under way. It is common practice now for sellers and their agents to request documentation from the buyer showing that the buyer is truly qualified to purchase, prior to any negotiations. In the event of competing contracts on the same home, priority is given to the potential buyer who is pre-qualified or has a preliminary loan commitment.

Mortgage Loan

Mortgage lenders will calculate your maximum loan eligibility. Only you can decide how much you can afford. Once you have narrowed your choice to one or two lenders, be sure to get their detailed estimates (Good Faith Estimate of Settlement) in writing and signed! Also ask for a written statement regarding their interest rate lock-in policy. You need to determine the lock-in period for the interest rate you were quoted (for example, 45 or 60 days) and what you can expect if interest rates drop below your locked-in rate before closing.

The Mortgage Rate

You should shop for the best mortgage rate. Examine all of the available lender mortgage program options. Interest costs will be your highest single cost of owning a home. Calculate your monthly payment when a lender quotes you the current interest rate.

Adjustable vs. Fixed Rate

Do not accept an adjustable rate mortgage unless you can live with the risk of payment fluctuation and can afford the maximum possible per monthly payment. Adjustable rate mortgages are very complex and you should obtain a written prospectus before applying. The questions that should be addressed are the financial index and margin being used for calculation; whether the initial rate being quoted is a discounted rate; the rate caps and the payment caps; the adjustment interval; and the conversion to fixed-rate policy.

When to think about selling

Consider the prospects of resell before you purchase a home. What features of this house will ensure an easy and profitable sale in the future? You and your buyer’s agent can review the desirable features that will ensure excellent future value.

House Inspections

Never skip inspections just to save a few dollars. A good inspection by a professional house inspector can save you dollars in the future. The purchase contract should be contingent upon your approval of the final inspection report. A home warranty can provide additional protection.

Choosing an Inspector

Selection of a qualified home inspector should be based on a direct interview in which you obtain written disclosures for the following questions:

·        Exactly what the inspector does or does not inspect (e.g., roof, attic, pool, crawl space);

·        What scientific instruments are used—such as moisture detectors, combustible gas detectors, and electromagnetic detectors;

·        How long to perform a typical house inspection;

·        Professional organization affiliations or memberships, education level and licensing, years in the business;

·        How many inspections the inspector has conducted and whether the inspector works full time;

·        Type of report submitted—whether a check-off list or a detailed narrative—and how soon delivered;

·        Type of insurance the inspector has—including liability, errors and omissions;

·        Whether the inspector is involved in any other businesses, such as home repair, that might represent a conflict of interest;

·        Contact information for verifying all of the above.

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